Saturday, December 5, 2009

Infuriating Remarks, Part One

The following is a plethora of enraging statements made by Matt Slick on his website,, or the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.

" meaningful conversation can be held with [atheists]."
This is simply enraging.  I'm an atheist, and I'm here to give calm discussion about others' beliefs.

"As a worldview, atheism is intellectually bankrupt and is wrought with philosophical problems. One of the biggest is its lack of ability to account for our own existence."
Okay, nice structure and grammatical correctness, but no.  All people are inherently stupid. Yes, even you.  I see no philosophical problems with atheism.  It is, in essence, a collection of logical philosophy (mostly Western philosophy) that can be proven to be correct, unlike Christianity or any other faith-based religion.

Secondly, our account of our existence is shown in many scientific texts and books on the process of evolution, as shown by historians, archaeologists, and other scientists who are trained well.  Evolution has been proven time and again.  The Bible (or any other religious text) simply does not have that kind of factual reputation, and its contents cannot be proven.

"If the atheist were to say that the universe brought itself into existence, then that would be illogical since something that does not exist has no nature and with no nature, there are no attributes, and with no attributes, actions can't be performed such as bringing itself into existence. So, that doesn't work."
 Don't Christians say that "God" brought himself into existence?

"If the atheist said the universe has always existed, that doesn't work either because that would mean the universe was infinitely old. If it is infinitely old then why hasn't it run out of useable energy by now as the 2nd law of thermodynamics would state. Also, in order to get to the present in an infinitely old universe, an infinite amount of time would have to be crossed. But, it is impossible to cross an infinite amount of time to get to now. These problems would also mean that there could not be an infinite amount of past cycles of the universe where it expands and contracts forever. So, those explanations can't work."
 I believe that Christians also say that "God" has always, or infinitely, existed.

"Okay, so the universe, which is comprised of matter and energy, cannot be infinitely old, in its present form or any other form. So, how did it, and ultimately we get here? Atheism can’t help us here. So, let’s turn our attention to the other option: a personal cause. If there is a personal influence, which means a personal being that acted upon the universe, then we have an explanation for the cause of the universe."
Well, of course atheism won't help us!  Atheism is not a science!  It is simply a lack of a set of beliefs about a god.  Every atheist is different; we aren't a cult, just people who trust in science, logic, and the provable.

No one knows how old the universe is.  We can guess, but we have no way of measuring the accuracy of what our instruments tell us on such a grand scale.  I don't believe that the universe is infinitely old.  Nor do I believe that some personal being caused it to form.  There was probably a chemical reaction between two substances that caused a tiny reaction.  From that tiny reaction, the universe expanded from the size of (smaller than) a decimal point to the size it is now, although the universe is shrinking as the reaction to that explosion.

"You see? The atheists have nothing to offer us with the important issue of explaining how we got here. Atheism can’t answer one of the most important philosophical questions pertaining to our own existence. It is deficient and lacking and at best can offer us only ignorance and guesses."
That's because that's all there is!  There is only guessing when it comes to that!  There is no fact for us to lean on.  Therefore, we strive to find an answer, a task that you lazy theists dismiss with the thought of "God".  We offer you an opportunity to find the answer.  That is what we offer.  Work with us.  Listen to us.  We attempt to search out facts and evidence to our existence.  You Christians (and any theist, really) call us "wrong" because we seek out the truth.  I'm sure that if there was hard, scientific fact that a god exists, there would be hardly any people who claim to be atheists.  What proof do you have that the Bible is truth when it comes to "God"?  There is not ignorance toward anyone from us, unless you provoke it.

We all have different answers; there is not a particularly proven one.