Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bully Returns

Another news story about some innocent Chinese people being imprisoned in China for no apparent reason was published on the USA Today website yesterday. Once again, religious persecution is the name of the game. Last time it was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and before that, countless pointless arrests for those with religious/philosophical/lifestyle views differing from those of Hu Jintao.

My question is this: what the hell has China to gain from suppressing the expression of its people?

Does it fear a loss of control? Notice our own country. Our government controls us like master and slave and yet we are free to express ourselves however we wish. This blog would be illegal in China.

Does China fear it will lose face? It just did and will continue to dig it's own grave in the realm of reputation if it goes on doing so. China thinks it can just mess with its own people and say, "Look! We're powerful!"

I think it is this way for no other reason than the classic Hollywood high school bully performs his malicious acts. The leaders in China are ruthless sons-of-bitches who feel the need to suppress/imprison/interrogate/brainwash/kill their own people for invalid reasons so they can satisfy their sadistic needs. These monsters in the Chinese government have no reason for their actions other than that they would love to watch the world burn light the fire themselves.

China: you are the next human rights target. Remember Victorian France? They only had 26 million people.

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