Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Illegitimate Son of a Carpenter

Maybe a man named Jesus did exist, but he wasn't a god. I jokingly told a story this morning that Joseph and Mary had unlawful intercourse and would face being stoned to death, and so convinced the community that their son was conceived by ...God. 
Then the carpenter taught his son practical philosophy which stunned the pompous aristocratic priests who knew nothing of hard labor and the philosophies of life that are derived from it. In their curiosity and Jesus' "mischeviousity", they prevented him from leaving, which was an act further strengthened by his belief that he was a god, something Mary and Joseph taught him so that he wouldn't realize that he was in fact an illegitimate son and go around proclaiming the fact (as children are inclined to do).

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  1. The original Greek gospels actually refer to Jesus and his dad as "tekton" which just means builders, so really they could have been stone workers or construction workers.