Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pagan Blog Prompts: Earth Day

While there isn't much I do that is environmentally unfriendly, I don't have any religious beliefs, so I can't say I was inspired by the Light-Bearer. That said, one's religious beliefs and being "green" are two separate things in my book. To say they are the same would be to say that all atheists actively hurt the environment. In fact, being scientists, many of us care about our environment deeply.

However, the eco-sensitive theist could not merge the two unless one is a pantheist (e.g., one who believes that nature IS deity). In that case, then hurting the environment would be detrimental to their religious beliefs. If a non-pantheist wanted to be eco-friendly, it would be an act of secular generosity, since there is no incentive for doing such eco-friendly acts. If such a person was not so generous, that one probably has a nihilistic life-view. ("I'm going to die before anything bad happens to me, so why should I care?")

The only people that I can see combining the two are Pagans who believe that the earth IS deity, not that there are separate deity-entities.

Pagan Blog Prompts

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  1. Pantheism.... that makes sense. Thanks for sharing that.