Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding my Place

It's all just a dream, a dream that I'll never wake up from. Change is coming. In 11 days I'll be moving out of my home. Hhh, just eleven days. I have eleven days before I leave and not look back. I must keep moving forward, although the transition to living without family will be difficult, most likely.

It's all about finding place. UT is going to be my new home, the Rockets, and especially the marching band, my new family...not related by blood, but by necessity, for without the multitude of common companions, we would be nought but alone in this big world. It's a tight microcosm of a civilization, complete with its own social standards and nuances.

Without a tight-knit society, each individual is as nothing. That is university; no. That is universality.