Friday, May 11, 2012

On Elections

It has come to my attention that many people seem to vote for a person who appeals to their social values, and for no other reason. This is irresponsible. While a politician's social views are one part of the mix, they are just that: one part. There is so much more to an election that it is severely and irresponsibly closed-minded to vote for someone just because one likes their stance on the social aspect of society. Two key points come to mind: the so-called "war on women" and LGBTQ rights.

When you vote for someone, you are saying that you endorse everything that person stands for. (I mean, you can't just vote for a few aspects of someone; you either have the person or you don't.) When you vote for someone, you vote for their economic views, their view on war, their idea for what to do with the education system, the list goes on. Social issues are but one part of the ordeal.

In short, my point is to look at the whole person, not just at their standpoint on your favorite social issues.

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