Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spewed Gibberish

Ah, I forgot how soothing listening to an entirely vocal version of The Sims' "Time to Buy" song is.

So it's the third of July. Something about independence and a war? Words.

Reality is broken.

BASHCon is coming along. So far I've completed a trade agreement with Gen Con Indy, and I have pending agreements with Shuto Con, AetherCon, and Ohayocon. Should get Con on the Cob on board, too. Also next year's Garasunoshicon, if there will be one. Also, apparently I dropped a comment tag on the website and it's fucked up? I can't access either of my computers right now, so it must stay that way temporarily.

Also, Stan Lee. Trying to bring him to BASHCon. And the people from Artemis. Maybe Christopher Tolkien.

I was actually able to live life in some degree of normalcy over the last weekend...a taste of how my life was before I was forced to move back home. :sigh:

I miss my friends. (What's new? Summer is boring.)


Apparently "National Nude Recreation Week" is July 9-15 this year. (Yay, fun facts!)

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