Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Concept of "You" is Incorrect

The universe is what...~13.7 billion years old? It is the totality of existence. It comprises all of the matter and energy in existence. Everything that exists is the universe.

Our own Milky Way galaxy is ~13.2 billion years old. It contains countless stars, countless planets. On one planet (that we know of) there are countless plants, countless creatures. These plants and creatures are part of a planet among countless planets among countless stars. All of that makes up countless galaxies, which are, collectively, the universe. Thus, transitively the plants and creatures are small bits of the universe.

Makes sense, right?

However, for some reason, we have a tendency to view the rest of existence as something outside ourselves. We think, "All that out there is the universe." In so doing, we abstract ourselves unnecessarily from the rest of existence. We form in our minds the concept that we are from the universe but not of it.

This abstraction is simply incorrect. Our existence is not separate from the existence of the universe.

I am the universe.

That's not a haughty whim: that is a statement of fact. I often tell people, sugarcoatingly, that we are stardust: we are cooled-off pieces of stars. That helps us realize what we are. I am no different than that star over there. Everything my body is made of came from stars just like that. The corn chips I'm eating? Also from stars like that.

We are the universe discovering itself. When we look up at the night sky and see the Milky Way, we can logically say that we are beautiful (even if we are specifically pointing out one cluster of stars) because we are the same thing as those stars.

So how is the concept of "you" incorrect? We are all the same thing. One thing. Thus, there is no other thing to call "you." So, then. The reason for this post.

If we are all one thing (the universe) then why do we go around insulting and injuring and killing ourself? It makes no sense to me. Sure, sometimes the universe (us) can't make up its mind on something, but it's not worth hindering our ability to discover ourself.

(Grammar has become irrelevant in the context of the universe...there's no way to say it correctly in the English or Mandarin languages.)

This is not the cheesy maxim, "We're all connected." No. The correct statement is that we're all the same, exact, one thing.

Maybe I don't make sense. Whatever. This is the hardest thing I've tried to explain to other people. Please comment with questions for me. I'd love to tie up whatever ends I left loose. Ciao!