Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Declining America

Let's face it: America is in decline. Not far, but just starting. We've reached the tipping point, and are following in Britain's footsteps. Here's the thing, though: we don't have a figurehead, a queen, to ease the pain. HRM Elizabeth II is as a mother to her people: she comforts them and shows them how to tap into their inner strength. It is safe to say that the Britons look to her to make it easier to accept the fall of the empire. We are falling. But we don't have a comforting mother to soften the fall. All we have is a choice between Mitt Romney and incumbent Barack Obama.

I'm an old soul. My spirit seems tired, even though my body is not two decades old. I have felt it for many weeks now...a slow enervation. I feel that it is pointless to try and fight the ways of the world that we can't control. A change as massive as the decline of one country and the coming-of-age of another is a powerful change, one that cannot be mitigated simply by changing the attitudes and mindsets of the masses. We are already past the tipping point, and we can't be untipped. Therefore, I wish for a compassionate figurehead, a ruler who will make it easier to live in today's declining American society, someone who will ease the pain of our fall. Out of our two choices, Obama seems the better choice for that purpose.