Sunday, January 27, 2013


Haha, yes! I have the first post of the new year! W00t! I'm so 1337 right now.

I have this feeling that we're on top of a technology bubble. I'll come back with more research and evidence (probably after the spring term) and show the reasons why I predict a technology crash before 2024.

In essence, I hypothesize the crash in this manner:
  • as advanced technologies become easier and easier to obtain and more widespread, and
  • as developers and manufacturers work harder than ever to produce an increased quantity of various cheaper goods more efficiently to appeal to the market, thus
  • the market will balk at the sub-par effectiveness of the plethora of items, leading to a severe decrease in sales as it realizes that the just-out-of-date items are better than the newly produced ones.

Essentially, once everyone has an item of advanced technology, and the technology loses effectiveness in exchange for efficiency (due to cheaper manufacturing), they will stop buying new technology. That is when the bubble pops.

That's my hypothesis.

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