Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sol 3013: A Diaspora Campaign

In the course of the last millennium, we as a species have bled the Earth dry of all its resources, leaving nothing but an ever-increasing demand for energy. The technologies that are now required to sustain the planet (orbital atmospheric controllers, nuclear fusion plants, and solar wind-powered generators) must compete with the wicked side of system-wide capitalism.

In the year 2447 we completed the crowning achievement of energy generation: the Peacemaker, a Dyson bubble capable of harnessing 100% of the sun's energy output, composed of countless solar-power statites placed in a sphere 0.5 astronomical units away from the star itself, just past the orbit of the planet Venus.

Every energy problem we had for 300 years suddenly vanished. We had harnessed enough energy in the first year of its operation to power three 25th Century Earths. But in the next hundred years, that was cut in half to 1.5 26th Century Earths. By 2620, we were in the same predicament as we were two centuries before.

But then, as if a miracle had just occurred, a small team of scientists on Mars developed a massive machine that could save the human race: the star lifter. Spanning the diameter of the dwarf planet, Pluto, two of these machines placed on opposite sides of the sun fired particle beams into its core, producing an artificial solar flare sent straight toward the Peacemaker. We had conquered the unconquerable, and literally harnessed the power of the sun. It was glorious.

For four centuries the solar system experienced such an inflow of energy that not a single person who desired power would be denied it. And then, the announcement came.

On 27 April 3013, the Solar Research Institute announced that the sun is unable to withstand star lifting any longer, and that the sun will simply burn out in five years. Today is 1 May 3013, four days after that fateful announcement, and the Sol government is in uproar.

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