Saturday, June 15, 2013

What DO I do?

I realized lately how much I say I don't do things: I don't watch TV, I don't watch many movies, the list goes on. And in order to better answer the question with a follow-up, I ask myself, "What do I do?"
  • I run a subsidiary organization of UT-BASH.
  • I listen to music. A lot of music. A lot of the same kind of music.
  • I think about fantasy settings and stories and the people within them. Sometimes I even write it down.
  • I code a website.
  • I go online and learn things that pique my curiosity.
  • I browse tumblr.
  • I read the news.
  • I run an RPG and a Who's the Boss? game simultaneously.
  • I am the treasurer of a collegiate anime club.
  • I maintain relationships with my friends through actual social contact.
  • I'm also a poor student looking for a job (and wondering what the point of life is).
  • I play games. All sorts of games.
  • I run an ambient electronica show on the radio.
So yeah, that.

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